Camp Lightbulb

Region:Provincetown, Rhode Island
Grant Duration: one year

Camp Lightbulb is a summer camp for LGBTQ youth, ages 14 to 17, returning to Provincetown summer 2016 for its 5th year. A milestone which they are very proud of. Its mission is to provide a magical, week-long camp experience filled with fun, pride, community, friends, support, self-discovery and memories to last a lifetime. Campers come from across the US, 30% come from communities of color and 40% receive full or partial camperships. And they are expanding their programming to create more experiences throughout the year, including their New York City based Holiday Camp.

They are both grateful and excited to be a Palette Fund grant recipient - as it provides them with operational funding so they can continue to develop and grow and connect to a community of like-minded organizations that make life better for all in the LGBTQ community.