Children's Radio Foundation

Region: Cape Town, South Africa
Grant duration: Three Years
Amount: $50,000

In 2013, a two year grant of $30,000 to the Children’s Radio Foundation went to produce and disseminate positive messaging about HIV/AIDS and LGBTI issues through related radio recordings, the development of a youth toolkit and facilitators manual, and weekly youth participatory radio shows. 

In 2016, a one year renewal grant of $20,000 will go towards the ongoing development of curricular materials and production guides that CRF youth radio reporters will use to cover a broad range of LGBTI issues in their reporting. They will adapt a wide range of materials and tools around LGBTI issues, and make them youth-friendly and relevant to the youth they work with in their various geographic locations. It's a way of educating them, but also making them aware of the diverse perspectives out there, and getting them to understand how to be strategic in their coverage of LGBTI issues on radio. They will also share first-person radio stories of LGBTI young people widely across their networks to inspire the youth reporters in other areas they work in where those stories are less often heard. 

They are also working on bringing together all of their diverse LGBTI-specific tools and resources into a "youth radio toolkit" for LGBTI advocacy organizations working on the African continent, so they can more successfully use radio as a means of raising awareness and pushing the issue forward. This toolkit has been requested countless times, so it will be used widely. While they are developing the materials in South Africa mostly, they will also be working closely with their partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Zambia, so that the materials and guides can be locally appropriate and powerful for local audiences.