The Public

region: New York City
Grant Duration: One year
Amount: $50,000

Support from The Palette Fund is for The Public Theater’s production of SOUTHERN COMFORT, a folk-bluegrass musical that tells the story of male transgendered Robert Eads and his trans girlfriend Lola Cola as they navigate life and its challenges in the back hills of ‘Bubba Land’ Georgia.

From Hair and A Chorus Line, to Fun Home and Hamilton, The Public Theater aims to present diverse, complicated visions of humanity to help evoke what is common in all of us. SOUTHERN COMFORT continues this tradition of offering up a very specific lens on the human experience with the goal of creating greater understanding of the trans community. Their hope is that each of the 10,000 people that experience SOUTHERN COMFORT will leave a greater sense of empathy, a greater sense of tolerance, and a greater sense that there is more that binds us than that keeps us apart, and more that connects us than can ever divide us.