The Palette Fund supports organizations that address the needs of the LGBT community, and focuses its efforts on building a more inclusive environment by investing in the potential of LGBT youth. In 2015, we continue to look at programs that work directly with LGBTQ Youth, an often over-looked generation that is growing, misunderstood by the public and under funded as a result.

Rand was deeply committed to addressing basic human rights issues by advocating for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. He championed LGBT youth in particular, focusing on their needs and helping them raise their voices. Rand believed in treating young people with, and fostering, dignity wherever he worked, lived or loved.

Like Rand, The Palette Fund goes beyond writing checks by building meaningful, lasting relationships and offering support and inspiration to those who work on a daily basis for the LGBT community. The Palette Fund believes in the potential of youth to help lead us toward a more compassionate and just future. We support young people as they explore careers in philanthropy and service to the LGBT community. We also honor Rand’s commitment to education through the Rand Harlan Point Scholarship.

Never to turn a blind eye to the most vulnerable populations, we are also committed to ending youth homelessness especially among the 40% that identify as LGBT. Through partnerships and collaborations, we aim to make sure that these young people’s needs are met, and that they have a voice that is sorely missing in society today.

Current Grantees



If interested in applying for our grant cycles, please fill out the form below. Note: If you are chosen to participate in our second cycle, you will receive an LOI form "by invitation only" by the end of November, 2014. Although we do our best to look into every request that comes, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to return all emails and/or give input and feedback on proposal ideas.