Our Story

The Palette Fund was launched in 2008 to honor the life and philanthropic legacy of Rand Harlan Skolnick. Founded by Terrence Meck and Peter Benassi, Rand’s partner and his best friend, the foundation has become a source of support for institutions and leaders working to build healthy and thriving communities. Since its inception, The Palette Fund has provided over $10 million in grants to over 150 ground breaking organizations throughout the United States and abroad.

Our story, however, goes beyond grant making. We have sought to have significant impact across our funding pillars by engaging as true partners with the organizations we support - - providing guidance, technical assistance, contacts, and platforms to amplify their voice and their reach. From grassroots LGBT serving organizations across the United States to major healthcare institutions to international campaigns aimed at erasing stigma, The Palette Fund’s narrative is punctuated by a focus on finding the leaders, ideas and programs that make a real and lasting difference in the lives of those who have been – or at risk of being – marginalized due to sexual preference, illness, age or limited access to resources. 

The impulses behind our founding are based on love, respect and hope. A small group of people came together to make these notions concrete and lasting. We honor Rand’s legacy every day, being of service to those people and communities he adored and championed.