2020 marks the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims’ first landing on the tip of the Cape and the ultimate signing of the Mayflower Compact. Since its official incorporation in 1720, Provincetown has flourished as diverse pioneers from around the globe, discovered its unique beauty, infectious energy and economic opportunities. Over the years, this eclectic seaside village has not just become a world class destination accepting of all, but also home to some of the most creative thinkers, talented artisans and savvy entrepreneurs.   

Provincetown's existence as an inspiration for creative thought and a refuge for the eccentric, however, has become harder to maintain over the last decades. Like so many other seasonal towns, the high cost of living continues to make it difficult for both the existing community to survive as well as a new generation of Provincetown enthusiasts to discover its magic.  

The Palette Fund’s co-founders have always had a great love for the town of Provincetown and officially moved our offices here in 2016. Over the years we have been listening to the needs of the town while carefully planting our own roots into the fabric of this vibrant community.  

Our local funding serves to inspire and support creative ideas and initiatives that tackle Provincetown’s most pressing challenges while fostering a healthy and collaborative community spirit. In addition to encouraging others to join us in making a philanthropic investment in the existing non-profit infrastructure, we aim to incubate new business ideas, seed the future leadership of our community and allow for out-of-the box ideas to get off the ground.  

Examples include:

Broto: Art, Science & Collaboration

Provincetown 400

Provincetown Commons

Provincetown Art Association and Museum

Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center

Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life

Provincetown International Film Festival

Provincetown Theatre Foundation

Provincetown Tennesse Williams Theatre Festival

Summer of Sass


Twenty Summers

Photo by KenWiedemann/iStock / Getty Images
Summer of Sass 2018

Summer of Sass 2018