Rand was known as a wonderful son and brother, loving husband, honest businessman, avid philanthropist and great friend to so many. People, and the relationships he had with them, were Rand’s greatest joy. From an early age, Rand worked diligently helping to build the family business, Solgar Vitamins and Herb Company, with his mother and father, Connie and Allen Skolnick. After graduating from Emory University in 1979 with a B.A. in biochemistry and political science, Rand joined the family business based in Lynbrook, New York.

Rand’s success was predicated on the belief that people will seek alternative products and therapies to conventional allopathic medicine. Through Solgar, he brought this philosophy to an emerging industry and created awareness throughout the world.
Rand became the youngest CEO in the natural products industry. Within 10 years, he had expanded Solgar to over 42 countries. Beginning in 2002 Rand and Terrence helped revitalize the diverse community of New Hope, PA by restoring such institutions as The Raven and creating The Nevermore Hotel. Quickly becoming tourist destinations for LGBT travelers from around the globe, they also helped to raise awareness and funds for dozens of local and national charities.

Rand never allowed his busy work schedule to distract him from his philanthropic endeavors. While he supported a number of charitable organizations, it was his 20 years of service on the Board of Bailey House that truly captured his spirit and generosity. In 2009, his devotion was memorialized at the Rand Harlan Center for Housing, Wellness and Community in East Harlem. Rand also volunteered time, money, and corporate commitments to several other important charities and local community groups in the U.S. and abroad.

Throughout the years and during his life with Terrence, Rand articulated his vision for The Palette Fund. Today, the Foundation’s mission reflects his vision for a better world and enables his legacy to continue with the same style, grace and love that Rand portrayed for 50 inspiring years.

Connie Skolnick passed away in April of 2013 also from pancreatic cancer.

Allen, having never spent a night without his wife since their marriage, died just a few weeks later. The Skolnick Family Charitable Trust honors their legacy and is run by Rand’s brother, Barry.