The Palette Fund is a foundation that takes pride in going beyond check writing. 


We approach our grant making as a true partnership with the non-profit organizations we support and continually strive to be an active vehicle for change.  As we would never ask something of our grantees that we wouldn’t do ourselves, these principles are not only what we look for in potential partners, but also reflect how we operate at The Palette Fund. Our overarching goal is to work together to make the world a place where all people have the opportunity to live healthy, full and productive lives.



Clear communication between our staff, partners and grantees not only allows for more effective grant making, but also provides us with continuous opportunities for learning.


Working together is essential for achieving impact. While we work closely with other foundations to learn best practices and leverage resources, we encourage and help facilitate our grantees to do the same with like-minded organizations.


 Fostering the next generation of leaders means that we must be effective leaders ourselves. We continually find ways to improve ourselves both at work and at home in order to help our grantees to do the same.


In addition to prioritizing areas where support from traditional foundations and government agencies might not be accessible, we also set the stage for visionary leaders to take risks to explore what might be.


We look for programs and individuals that demonstrate pioneering leadership just as much as we look at new ways to be a better grant making enterprise and partner to our grantees.


We are committed to bringing a positive attitude, compassion and integrity to our partnerships, the individuals we serve, our work relationships and our lives.