The Palette Fund seeks to inspire trailblazers doing work in the areas of survivorship and youth empowerment. Rand committed his heart and soul to his philanthropic work throughout his life, and The Palette Fund seeks to continue and grow his pioneering vision. The Palette Fund was formed by Rand Harlan Skolnick many years prior to his death but was not turned into a working foundation until 2009. The name “Palette” came from the restaurant in Los Angeles where Rand and his best friend Peter Benassi first met back in the late 1970’s. They were set up on a blind date and were best friends ever since.

Peter Benassi & Terrence Meck

Peter Benassi & Terrence Meck

The name also contains other relevant connotations, such as an artist’s palette, which provides the beginnings for bringing joy and beauty to others. During his battle with Pancreatic Cancer, Rand asked his partner Terrence Meck and best friend Peter to take the reigns of the foundation and continue what he started. Today, Terrence serves as Co-founder and President while Peter serves as the Board Chair. Together, they hope that Rand’s legacy will continue not only through their own lifetimes, but for generations to come.


We look for programs and individuals that demonstrate pioneering leadership.

We prioritize areas where support from traditional foundations and government agencies might not be accessible.

We believe that working closely with other foundations, learning from best practices and leveraging resources are essential to achieving impact.

We require transparency and clear communication between our staff, partners and grantees, providing continuous opportunities for learning.

We are committed to bringing a positive attitude, compassion and integrity to the individuals we serve, our work relationships and our partnerships.

We set the stage for visionary leaders to take risks to explore what might be.