Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

Fiscal: Birmingham AIDS Outreach
Region: Birmingham, Alabama
Grant duration: One Year
Amount: $15,000

Attending the New Orleans Conversation about LGBT funding in the South inspired this relationship. Our initial grant of $5000 in 2015, supported a collaborative LGBTQ community needs assessment in Birmingham, Alabama. 

In 2016, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham leveraged an additional $10,000 grant from the Palette Fund to raise additional matching gifts to be used to build the LGBTQ Fund’s endowment, make strategic local grants, and establish relationships with non- traditional partners. Raised matching funds will grow the endowment to provide for long-term funding, while Palette Fund dollars will be used to make immediate strategic grants targeting needs and service gaps identified in its community needs assessment. Grants will focus on the intersection of identities (race and LGBTQ, poverty and LGBTQ, etc), role models for youth, leadership development, professional competency, broader acceptance and safety issues. The results will be evident in building the community’s capacity to address the gaps identified. This work will combine with educational efforts to build relationships with non-traditional partners, leveraging their participation in areas of intersectional common interests.