The Tyler Clementi Foundation

Region: National
Grant duration: Two years
Amount: $50,000

The Tyler Clementi Foundation (TCF) works to deliver a wide range of solutions to online and offline bullying, harassment, and humiliation, in particular for LGBT youth who are most at risk. They focus on research-driven strategies, in the realms of education, training, research and advocacy. 

The Tyler Clementi Foundation (TCF) received a $50,000 capacity building grant over a two-year period from the Palette Fund to help provide innovative, high quality, nationally recognized solutions for bullying. With the help of the Palette Fund, TCF hopes to dramatically scale up its advocacy both online and offline. The Palette Fund’s support would not only lend legitimacy to the work in the foundation landscape and within LGBT circles, but it would be critical at this exact moment, as they have the perfect convergence of board and staff growth, plus refined mission and new programs.