Point Source Youth

Region: National
Grant Duration: Four years
Amount: $150,000

In 2016, Point Source Youth received a one year grant for $25,000. In 2017, The Palette Fund renewed the grant for an additional four years with a total award of $150,000. This grant will continue to support Point Source Youth as they bring a new and unique approach to ending youth homelessness for all youth, with a special focus on LGBTQ and/or youth of color. 

Point Source Youth works in partnership with experts, policy makers, and local organizations on the ground to implement, measure, and help organizations access funding in order to scale three interventions – Family Reconnection, Short-Term Host Homes, and Rapid Rehousing – to effectively engage at-risk young people and end youth homelessness.  

In 2016, Point Source Youth is starting with a pilot project in Minnesota, together with Avenues for Homeless Youth, The Link, and Reclaim!, called the ConneQT, Point Source Youth Pilot. In 2017, Point Source Youth will build upon the model started in Minneapolis to expand to additional cities with the goal of working to end youth homelessness in 50 cities in 10 years.

Point Source Youth is driven by research, data, and results, working with leading evaluation experts to make sure that the interventions are working and having impact, or are being adapted to make them work better.  Point Source Youth's finance model reflects the complex nature of the problem and the solution. Truly ending this crisis requires local, state, and national financial commitments from individuals, foundations, corporations, and public agencies.