Resource Generation

Region: National
Grant duration: Three Years
Amount: $100,000

Resource Generation organizes young people with wealth and class privilege in the U.S. to become transformative leaders working towards the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power. Since 1998, RG has served as the only organization that explicitly organizes the one percent – young, wealthy people from across the U.S. – to leverage their resources, privilege and relationships to make lasting structural change. Through its holistic model of community building, education and organizing, RG members develop into leaders that are committed to directing institutional and individual resources to social change movements.

The Palette Fund’s help will increase RG’s staffing capacity, to better forge and help maintain formal relationships with local community funds, more effectively support and train chapter leaders - as part of their own leadership development and personal journeys as young people with wealth and to appropriately represent RG in those partnerships. Funding will also fully cultivate learnings and best practices, and leverage high-quality external communications, in order to proliferate the models they are developing and sharing to highlight successes, failures, and lessons learned.

The Palette Fund’s support will create consistent working partnerships between over half of RG's chapters (at least 7) and their respective local social justice funds. Resource Generation aims to take these giving circles beyond being mere experiences for RG members and into being a pivotal part of leading the field of progressive philanthropy in a new direction more broadly - with the ultimate goal of having real and transformative impact on struggles against inequity and for racial, economic, and gender justice in communities across the country.