Movement Advancement Project

Region: National
Grant duration: Three Years
Amount: $75,000

Our contribution will help support the ongoing effort for social and political equality of the LGBT community.

As a think-tank focused on speeding equality for LGBT people, MAP works at the intersection of policy, messaging and movement capacity research. This integrated approach has allowed them to identify and address several pressing needs in 2015 and beyond.

MAP will create national awareness of how LGBT people interact with the criminal justice system, highlighting discrimination, poor treatment, and lack of support. Funding will continue to develop resources needed to support nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people and develop messaging approaches that mitigate the impact of religious exemptions on nondiscrimination laws. During the grant period, MAP will conclude their current messaging research initiative to understand how conflicted audiences think and feel about these exemptions and how to educate the public about the harms and consequences of such proposals—and possibly explore additional issue-specific ways to counter harmful religious exemptions proposals.

Create accessible information/analyses for use by media, movement organizations, policymakers and more. Resources like MAP’s Equality Maps, Momentum Report, and the Movement Report help paint this picture.